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Syrina® Mini

Syrina® Mini: Preventing pre-filled syringe needle stick injuries

At our Innovation Centre in Cambridge (UK) we have developed the Syrina® Mini, an assisted syringe with an integrated needle safety system. The Syrina® Mini illustrates our innovative capabilities, showing how we can adapt and evolve our devices to address user and pharmaceutical company needs.

Prefilled Syringes Syrina Mini

Certain formulations can be challenging to deliver with a traditional pre-filled syringe especially if the product is of a higher viscosity. At the same time, simplicity of use and cost can be important drivers in deciding the most suitable delivery system.

In response to the needs, we identified an opportunity to improve the administration of challenging injectable formulations, whilst not increasing complexity and having a minimal cost. In particular, if intended to be used by health care professionals, regulatory requirements for needle safety must also be considered. Using our VapourSoft® Technology.

Prefilled syringes have an inherent risk of needle stick injuries and while there are many products available that provide a needle safety feature/shielding, none of these currently are able to combine this with addressing challenging high-viscosity deliveries. The Syrina® Mini has been developed with VapourSoft® as a power source, facilitating those challenging formulation deliveries and the inclusion of a needle shield system that locks out upon removing the device from the injection site, thus preventing needle stick injuries.

Like the Syrina® Micro, the Mini facilitates automatic drug delivery at the press of a button. It is used with 1ml standard PFS and can be configured for desired delivery times depending on the combination of viscosity, fill volume and needle gauge. They are highly flexible devices and can be used by healthcare professionals or for home use. Furthermore, our assisted syringes are excellent tools for evaluating our VapourSoft® Technology in early assessments and clinical trials prior to progressing to a Syrina® auto-injector.

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