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Lila: A novel valve and stoppering solution for pre-filled syringes

Lila® is our compact technology for pre-filled syringes that combines a stopper and a valve; it was developed to address a number of key challenges in the primary packaging of drug products. The unique design features of the Lila® enable separation of drug components during storage, whilst providing an open delivery path when activated. The Lila® valve can also enable easy mixing of two different drugs prior to delivery.

Lila Duo

Our team in Cambridge (UK) continually develop and improve drug delivery solutions for patients and provide a competitive edge for customers. Lila® is a novel innovation that was born out of addressing some key challenges associated with pre-filled syringes. As with all our innovations, the patient, user and the pharmaceutical company have been kept at the forefront of the product needs. We therefore established several design targets for Lila®:

  • Require no additional steps or training for the user – so that the drug is administered like a traditional pre-filled syringe
  • Be compatible with standard glass and plastic pre-filled syringes (1ml , 2.25ml and 3ml)
  • Be compatible with customers syringe filling equipment and PFS assembly lines
  • Use a single elastomeric material with a verified extractable profile

Three distinct uses for this technology are illustrated below in the form of Lila® Duo, Lila® Bio and Lila® Mix.

Lila® Duo

For storing and delivering two or more drugs sequentially  from the same standard syringe. Lila® Duo is intended to be used in situations where two separate drugs are unsuitable for co-formulation or have reduced stability/shelf life when mixed together.

Key features:

  • Allows separation and sequential delivery of two drugs stored in one syringe
  • Increased convenience for the user, with no need for multiple needles or transfer systems
  • Prevents needle re-use due to unidirectional nature of fluid path
Lila Duo

Lila® Bio

For those situations when there is high sensitivity of the drug to interactions with staked needle materials. Lila Bio provides a simple barrier between the drug product and other primary pack materials, such as tungsten, steel or adhesives

Key features:

  • Reduces undesirable material contact in pre-filled syringes
  • Prevents needle re-use due to unidirectional nature of Lila fluid path
Lila Bio

Lila® Mix

The Lila Mix addresses those circumstances when two different constituent parts need mixing immediately prior to administration.

Key features:

  • Reduced number of user steps and no need for multiple needles or transfer systems provides a simpler, more convenient user experience
  • Self-contained single unit provides reduced risk of microbial contamination compared with multiple-component mixing systems
Lila Mix

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