Our Innovation Team, based in Cambridge UK, use diverse skills and expertise to create new technologies that form the core around which we build and develop reliable, robust products, capable of meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our patent-protected designs, broad industry expertise and close working relationship with our customers allows us to develop a flexible and effective resolution for even the most demanding requirements in the medical drug delivery market.

Medical Device Product Development

We welcome new product ideas and specialise in custom-made medical devices. Using our core expertise in medical device product development, our Innovation Team will work in partnership with you to start the process of bringing your ideas to the market.

Our Innovation Team consists of experienced development engineers, focusing on the parenteral, nasal and ophthalmic routes of administration. We can quickly take your product from ideas or conceptual sketches, all the way to a production-ready approved device.

Our development service ‘Device on Demand’ utilises a toolbox comprising a range of innovative technical solutions proven to solve difficulties in preparing, storing or delivering drugs, and create a medical device specifically for our customers. Focusing on the parenteral, nasal and ophthalmic routes of administration, the process harnesses a range of patent-protected, functional component technologies to develop a specialised product. Contact us to tell us your new ideas or technology and we will assess how we can best work with you to create a solution.

Our advantage:

  • A unique toolbox of patent-protected, proven functional component technologies
  • Administration technologies for liquids, powders and gels, as well as separation and mixing technologies
  • Our detailed understanding of plastic and elastomeric materials and their use within medical products
  • In-house prototyping capabilities, resulting in proof-of-principle devices in record time
  • We’re a leading global high-volume manufacturer of drug delivery devices and are uniquely placed to ensure manufacturability of the final device and subsequent supply

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Using our in-house development expertise, we have created a range of successful product solutions

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