New Product Introduction

Intelligent progression from product design to commercialisation

Our New Product Introduction (NPI) framework has been developed over many years and is based on the key principles of advanced product quality planning.


It allows for experience and learning to be taken from each project and provides the basis of our structured, risk-based programme management approach, which forms the spine of our programmes.

The NPI framework evaluates progress at every stage of production via a gated review by the programme manager and key stakeholders. The process offers transparency to customers, enables them to actively participate and ensures a smooth transition from early stage design to commercial manufacture.

Our NPI framework recognises that no two products will necessarily follow the same path, and as such, the programme is customised to reflect the requirements of individual projects. Importantly, each experience is captured and fed-back into future programmes, ensuring our customers are benefiting from a continually evolving process of best practice.


Confidently scale-up production with our rapid prototyping service

Our in-house prototyping provides our customers with rapid feedback and technical guidance to ensure the components can be robustly scaled for high-volume production.

Using the latest technologies our experienced team can rapidly deliver plastic and metal 3D working samples to the standard required for testing.

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