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Medical Check Valves

Medical check valves from the world’s leading supplier

The continued trust our customers have in our products has established us as the largest medical check valve manufacturer in the world.
We put safety first with our BK333 range of medical check valves. The bi-directional inflation valves are activated by a luer taper system to allow the reliable inflation/deflation of a cushion or cuff.

Medical check valves

Our Medical Check Valves

Our medical check valves are manufactured on high speed automated equipment and each valve is 100% function tested as part of the assembly process. These assembly methods and robust valve design result in the highest quality product with defect levels below 1 part per million.

PVC Valves

Our PVC medical check valves are incorporated into critical airway management devices such as endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, laryngeal mask airways (LMA’s), Simplastics- post TURP Catheters, Occlusion Catheter, Ureter catheter, embolectomy catheter and disposable facemasks. They are typically glued into a pilot line or device.

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Polypropylene Valves

Our polypropylene valves are predominantly used in urology (Foley) catheters – both latex and silicone catheters. They are typically held in place in a pilot line with a retaining cap.

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As the world’s leading manufacturer of medical check valves, we are committed to delivering high‑quality products for our customers.

Valve leakage

Valve leakage specification is not more than 1.5ml (0.09 cu in) of air per 24 hours at 2m (6.5ft) water gauge pressure, as supplied by us after one sterilisation pass.

Product information

Valve Body MaterialColourBespak Valve Code
Profile A Twin FlangePolypropyleneWhiteBK333053S
Profile B Single FlangePolypropyleneWhiteBK333250S
Profile B Single FlangePVCWhiteBK333303S
Profile B Single FlangePVCClearBK333308S



The valves may be sterilised as indicated below according to material type:

Autoclaving in Dry Saturated SteamEthylene OxideGamma Irradiation (30k GY)

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