Connected devices – Our approach and solutions

Pharma companies are steadily showing increased interest in adding “connectivity” to their offerings. Connectivity can cover a range of various digital technologies that can help patients, their healthcare providers, healthcare payers and other involved parties in the management of chronic diseases.

For example In cases where patients use auto-injectors to administrate drug products intended to improve the daily life of patients automatically capturing data on dosage and usage time , help monitor medication compliance and disease management.

As a response to these needs, Bespak by Recipharm is developing connectivity features that can be used across it’s range of auto-injectors.

Minimal impact on device designOnly slight increase in device length (~10 mm), all other properties unchanged, key internal design and components unchanged
Measures key performance parametersCustomizable depending on user demographics, therapies, connectivity ambitions, regulatory ambitions etc. Examples include Date/Time of injection, interrupted injection, temperature, device orientation and more.
Flexible interface architectureAllows integration into pharma customers preferred full connectivity solution
Smart Bluetooth technologyState of the art wireless communication technology, readily available on all major smartphone devices


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The patient facing app ensures accurate record of doses taken

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