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Easifill MDI Valve

Eliminate loss of prime with our Easifill MDI valve

Our Easifill Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Valve can help improve patient adherence. The engineered ‘fast fill and drain’ design ensures complete filling of the metering chamber after actuation or storage to eliminate loss of prime.

Easifill MDI Valve

Key Features

The Easifill MDI Valve minimises drug loss and assists patient adherence:

  • Fast fill and drain
  • No priming required
    • Simply invert and shake
    • Aids patient adherence
    • Optimal for infrequent medication regimes
  • Economical design
    • Ideal for suspensions with high deposition
    • Minimises loss of dose due to drug adhesion in the chamber
  • Improved chamber agitation compared to capillary retention valves
  • Ideal for use with breath actuated devices

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