pMDI Valves

Bespak® pMDI valves

Our BK357 valve platform is firmly established as the world’s most trusted dosing valve, it is used in more pMDI products, in more markets, than any other valve. The BK357 owes its popularity to being developed to work with a wide range of formulations, having low levels of extractables and leachables, and being consistent in quality and performance.

Trusted for decades to deliver medication reliably with traditional hydrofluoralkane (HFA) propellants, the BK357 has been optimised for the same reliable compatibility with low global warming potential (GWP) propellants HFA-152a and HFO-1234ze.

Bespak® pMDI valve and actuator

Valves for more sustainable pMDIs

With our leading position in the global pMDI industry, we take our responsibility to lead the green transition seriously. Bespak valves have been optimised during a five year research and development programme, and are ready for testing with formulations incorporating both of the new sustainable propellant candidates. As a result of extensive elastomer studies, physical stability testing and aerosol performance modelling, we are also able to help guide the selection of critical components using our proprietary Bespak® Valve/Actuator Selector Tool.

BK357 – designed to perform

Our proprietary design, careful materials selection and manufacturing excellence ensures dependable performance with the widest range of pMDI formulations.

  • Suitable for both solution and suspension-based formulations

  • Compatible with ethanol-containing and ethanol-free formulations

  • Compatible with all pMDI filling techniques

  • Inverted or upright use with dip tube

  • Range of standard dose sizes from 25-100µl

  • Customisable features:

    • Leakage performance

    • Shot weight

    • Emitted dose

  • Compatibility with active ingredients/excipients

  • Compatible with standard rolled edge canisters in stainless steel or aluminium, and with plasma, FEP or PTFE coating

  • Compatible with cut edge canisters

  • Compatible press & breathe or dose counting actuators to optimise valve performance

  • Low levels of extractables and leachables

Easifill valve for patient convenience

The Bespak BK361 Easifill pMDI Valve is specially designed to optimise patient adherence by removing the need for initial priming and re-priming before each use. The engineered ‘fast fill and drain’ design ensures complete filling of the metering chamber after actuation or storage to eliminate loss of prime, while the easy-to-use patient-centric design enhances dosing convenience.

BK361 – designed for adherence

  • Fast fill and drain 

  • No priming required – simply invert and shake 

  • Ideal for infrequent medication regimes 

  • Sleek economic design, ideal for suspensions with high deposition - minimises loss of dose due to drug adhesion in the chamber 

  • Improved chamber agitation compared to capillary retention valves 

  • Ideal for use with breath-actuated devices

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