Soft Mist Inhalers

Resyca® Soft Mist Inhalers & Soft Nasal Sprays

Harness proprietary spray nozzle technology to deliver high doses of delicate biological formulations to the lungs or nasal cavity.

Our soft mist inhalers and nasal sprays can efficiently deliver a wide range of formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including small molecules, medium and large peptides, and highly sensitive biologics, such as mAbs, phages or mRNA.

Resyca is a joint venture between Bespak and Medspray that harnesses proprietary spray nozzle technology to generate a soft mist aerosol from a liquid solution. With this technology we can nebulise sensitive biological formulations while maintaining the stability of the liquid pharmaceutical formulation.  In addition, our inhalers can deliver high doses of drug in a short time without using propellants. Resyca soft-mist inhalers are available as single-use disposable devices or multiple-use devices and feature a maximum fill volume of 1mL.

Our soft mist nasal sprays offer the optimal solution for delivering delicate biological formulations, such as mRNA vaccines, to the nasal cavity. By employing the same exclusive nozzle technology in our nasal devices, our sprays achieve enhanced delivery efficiency and improved targeting of nasal cavities and the olfactory regions. This offers new clinical opportunities where precise nasal delivery is essential, such as nose-to-brain delivery and treatment with nasal administered biologics.

Fill before administration – Pulmospray™

Pulmospray™ is a disposable nebuliser system: a single-use, purely mechanical inhalation device ideal for delivering a consistent, full dose. Designed as a substitute to nebulisers in:

  • Clinical environments (e.g. COVID-19) 

  • Products requiring reconstitution 

  • Single-dose treatments 

  • Clinical trials, investigational drug products

Pre-filled syringe inhaler (PFSI™):

A PFSI™ is a purely mechanical inhalation device designed for the efficient inhalation of liquid drug solutions, whilst optimising convenience for patients.  

Our SMI platform can be used for:

  • Disposable devices with integrated pre-filled cartridges  

  • Re-usable devices with replaceable pre-filled drug cartridges

Soft mist nasal technology

In our joint venture Resyca, we develop nasally-delivered drug products using proprietary soft mist technology to help bring breakthroughs in the nasal delivery of fragile biologics and small molecules to market. The soft mist nasal atomiser is a single-use, non-active CE-marked device, for administration of liquids into the nasal cavity. The spray plume characteristics of the soft mist nasal atomiser can be tuned to specific formulation characteristics to achieve best possible delivery and coverage of the drug in the nose or towards the nose-to-brain region.

The atomiser can be combined with Resyca®’s pre-filled syringe technology or the NasaDose device.

Partners in innovation

Resyca® was founded in 2020 and is a joint venture between Bespak and Medspray. Resyca is a soft-mist development centre based on proprietary nozzle technology which delivers formulations into the lungs and nasal cavity, achieving high doses and less degradation of biological active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company develops and manufactures pocket size, user friendly soft-mist inhalation and nasal spray systems based on standard pre-filled syringes and manufactured on standard filling lines, and offers an integrated service for soft-mist inhalation and intranasal products, ranging from early-stage development to commercial manufacture.

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