Nasal Delivery

Nasal Delivery

Your innovation partner for novel unit dose devices, liquid & powder formulations, soft mist technology and multidose nasal sprays.

At Bespak, we have been manufacturing nasal drug-device combination products for decades. With a legacy in multidose aqueous nasal sprays for allergic rhinitis, we have recently expanded into multidose nasal powder systems for systemic applications, soft mist technology for the delivery of fragile molecules, and have a novel unit dose delivery device in development which has significant advantages over the market-leading unit dose system.

Intranasal drug delivery is emerging as a growth area both for new chemical entities and for lifecycle management and repurposing of patent-expired formulations. Many product developers are recognising the benefits of this route of delivery, which can lead to differentiated treatments with fast onset and a favourable efficacy and side effect profile, with direct delivery to the central nervous system, avoiding first pass metabolism.

As your innovation partner for nasal drug delivery, we work strategically with you to provide expert, tailored guidance and support from device concept to commercialisation. Nasal drug delivery brings together teams across our three integrated sites, with novel device development and manufacturing at King’s Lynn supported by formulation expertise in North Carolina and an established source of nasal spray and powder product fill and finish manufacturing at Holmes Chapel.

Intuitive by design

Our NasaDose unit dose nasal device offers unique performance advantages through the use of IP-protected mechanisms that control device actuation and ensure consistent dosing and spray performance. Developed for comfort and ease of use, performance is independent of user actuation speed or orientation. Customisable to the unique needs of the formulation, NasaDose can be tailored to suit a range of formulation viscosities and delivered doses, maintaining 99.999% reliability.

Bespak is your complete partner for unit dose nasal spray products that stand out in the market using NasaDose technology.

NasaDose unit dose nasal spray

Created for patients

  • Ergonomic design with profile suitable for ambidextrous use

  • Simple, unit dose device meaning no priming is required

  • Simple push button operation, minimal button depression distance to actuate

  • Audible “click” and retraction of button into device during actuation provides reassurance that dose has been delivered

  • Customisable nozzle with nasal depth indicator for adult and paediatric applications

  • Comfortable grip features to minimise risk of being dropped

  • Internal anti-drop feature prevents accidental actuationn

Multi dose nasal sprays

Our high-speed filling line features flexible equipment that is capable of handling a wide range of nasal spray designs, including screw-on, crimp and snap-on pumps, so we can handle your project’s individual requirements.

Nasal soft mist technology

In our joint venture Resyca, we develop nasally-delivered drug products using proprietary soft mist technology to help bring breakthroughs in the nasal delivery of fragile biologics and small molecules to market. The soft mist nasal atomiser is a single-use, non-active CE-marked device, for administration of liquids into the nasal cavity. The spray plume characteristics of the soft mist nasal atomiser can be tuned to specific formulation characteristics to achieve best possible delivery and coverage of the drug in the nose or towards the nose-to-brain region. The atomiser can be combined with Resyca®’s pre-filled syringe technology or the NasaDose device.

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