Medical Check Valves

Medical Check Valves

Bespak® is the world’s leading supplier of reliable and trusted medical check valves for a range of medical devices.

Decades in the making, our bi-directional inflation valves are activated by a Luer taper system to allow the reliable inflation or deflation of a cushion or cuff. What’s more, they’re designed for a host of applications. 

Our medical check valves are seamlessly manufactured on high-speed automated equipment, where each valve is 100% function tested as part of the assembly process. These assembly methods, combined with robust valve design, result in the highest quality products.

PVC medical check valves

Our PVC medical check valves are incorporated into a wide range of critical airway management devices, such as:

  • Endotracheal tubes

  • Tracheostomy tubes

  • Laryngeal mask airways (LMAs)

  • Simplastics - post TURP

  • Catheters

  • Occlusion catheters

  • Ureter catheters

  • Embolectomy catheters

  • Disposable facemasks

They are typically glued into a pilot line or device.

Polypropylene medical check valves

Our polypropylene valves are predominantly used in urology (Foley) catheters – both latex and silicone catheters – and are optimised to ensure minimal leakage.

They are typically held in place in a pilot line with a retaining cap.

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