Actuators and Dose Counters

Bespak®’s actuators and integrated dose counter (IDC) technology have been helping people breathe more easily for decades, with a design that’s optimised for our pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) valves and with scope to develop customised solutions.


Our actuators are optimised to work with our pMDI valves and standard canisters. We also work with customers to develop exclusive actuator designs or formula-specific devices and can develop customised actuators in parallel with the chosen container closure system.

Bespak actuators

  • Available in two body lengths to accommodate for 14mL and 19mL canisters 

  • Supplied with dust cap to keep mouthpiece clean 

  • Range of exit orifice diameters (from 0.22mm to 0.58mm) and lengths

  • Fully customisable sump geometry 

  • 100% airflow tested to specification 

  • Customisable: standard colours or match to pantone reference, embossed detail or plain

  • Polypropylene construction with 21 CFR material compliance 

  •  Robust cGMP compliant commercial supply chain

Customisable dose counting actuators

Giving patients and medical professionals peace of mind

At Bespak, our customisable dose counting actuators are specially designed to reliably display the remaining doses in a pMDI, and come with end-of-life indication, ensuring patients know how many doses they have taken and when they need a refill. 

Bespak® BK640 Integrated dose counter (IDC)

BK640 dose counting actuator

  • Utilised in FDA approved products marketed in the USA.

  • Ergonomic design with customisable top section for branding

  • Accommodates different pMDI valves 

  • Customised drug path geometry 

  • Can be supplied with any start count from a maximum of 219

  • End-of-life indication 

  • Nasal or oral variants 

  • Removable mouthpiece option and dust cap to keep the product clean 

Embedding quality in our IDC technology

  • Cleanroom manufacture and regulatory pedigree  

  • Customer-specific Drug Master File (DMF) documentation available  

  • 21 CFR drug contact material compliance  

  • Mechanical displacement operation  

  • Supplied with any start-count from a maximum of 219  

  • Supplied with dust cap to keep the mouthpiece clean  

  • Minimal increase in drug pack actuation force  

  • Eliminates inadvertent counting during transit without drug pack fitted  

  • One-step drug pack loading for easy assembly 

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