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VapourSoft® Development Agreement signed with Regeneron

Consort Medical – Bespak Drug Delivery Devices is pleased to announce that it has entered into a development agreement including key commercial supply terms with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a leading global biopharmaceutical company. The agreement provides for Consort’s proprietary VapourSoft technology to be incorporated into a novel drug delivery device designed by Regeneron.

In the event that Regeneron elects to commercialise the developed device, the parties will enter into a full commercial supply agreement with manufacturing to be undertaken by Consort for both the VapourSoft technology and the drug delivery device itself.

VapourSoft is one of a range of novel technologies developed at Consort’s Innovation Centre based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Through the use of a liquid gas propellant, rather than a spring to drive the delivery of the drug, VapourSoft facilitates delivery of a broader range of drug formulations and volumes.

To read the full release click here.


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