On the 14th March Bespak sponsored the 3rd Technology Tournament organised and set up by the Priory Rotary Club, James Crussell, Helen Allton and Tony Mallett attended on behalf of Bespak as judges and to assist with the teams.  Peter Mason along with the Rotary organisers presented the prizes to the winning teams.

Tony Mallett, outlines some of the activities on the day.

On arrival at King’s Lynn Academy the sports hall resembled that of an examination hall, but with emphases on team building and the project in hand. Each team was loaded up with tools for the job, breakout areas dedicated to the use of hot glue (for which I was informed was a key ingredient to success in previous years, by members as they reminisce on previous years) and a bag of goodies that any self-respecting tinkering engineer of the future would be glad to have to hand.

So the task was underway:

Beginner – design a car to drive down the track and clear any debris it came across within the time limit;

Intermediate – carry out the same as the beginner but reverse the car back to the starting line;

Advanced – carry out the same as the intermediate but collect the debris and bring it back with the vehicle.

I was working alongside John a Rotary member, covering the Intermediate section, each team interestingly took a different approach which ensuring the structure of the process was always there, even if at times it was in their heads and not down on paper.

The first place team were methodical and clear on their systematic, structured approach to the task and to the day. They used every resource, including my time, asking focused questions to gain input requirements, along with numerous tuning loops and design tweaks to get to a position of first place. It can be said the approach here can be reflected in one which is taken at Bespak every day and they had success in their approach as we do, this young lady and three gentlemen are everything an engineer of the future is looking to be at their age, they showed a high level of potential in any career they choose.

Overall I felt the day was a great learning environment for the students, a true introduction to engineering in all areas of design and manufacturing.

A worthwhile day of engineering for any student or any age and one I was proud to be a part of.

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