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Wearable Injection Devices

Lapas® is our new range of innovative bolus injection devices that utilises Consort Medical’s proven VapourSoft® technology, a compact and flexible energy source. Lapas® is a truly versatile platform technology providing an innovative, low cost, automated delivery device for use at home or in a clinical setting. The device can deliver both viscous and non-viscous formulations and supplements our Syrina® range of auto-injectors, offering a real solution for drugs where volumes are too large for rapid injection.

Offers a low cost, easy to use solution for parenteral delivery of drugs with minimal wastage. Particularly suitable for automated delivery of highly viscous drugs for use at home or in a clinical setting. The device can be held in the hand, carried or worn on the body allowing patient mobility, it can be pre-filled for single use, is disposable and non-electronic. Versions can be selected that best meet the user needs, such as devices with the ability to be connected to an infusion set or have integrated needle insertion and retraction.

The device is suitable for subcutaneous injections and enables the slow infusion of a drug from several minutes to many hours

  • Uses readily available standard cartridges
  • Automatic drug delivery at the press of a button
  • Possible to have a hidden needle or visible needle to assist needle placement
  • Options available with passive needle safety
  • Range of volumes and delivery speeds possible

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