21 Teams from 4 Secondary Schools and the College of West Anglia took part in a Technology Tournament at King’s Lynn Academy on 15th March organised by the Priory Rotary Club of King’s Lynn and supported by Bespak.

The Priory Rotary Club President Peter Tasker introduced the day event by saying that “The Technology Tournament is one of several competitions organised by Rotary Clubs to help young people reach their potential.  We are delighted with today’s event and really appreciate the support of Bespak, and the schools, particularly King’s Lynn Academy as the hosts, without which the event would not be possible. The Rotary Technology Tournament has been accredited by the British Science Association to the Crest Discovery Awards which is Britain’s largest and most widely recognised national award scheme for project work in science, technology engineering and maths”.

The teams in 3 different age groups had to construct a bridge with an opening section from a limited supply of materials consisting mainly of card, straws, thread, drawing pins and glue.  It also had to be capable of bearing a 1kg weight.

The winners for the Foundation age group, equivalent to Key Stage 3 were King’s Lynn Academy with Springwood High School as runners up.  For the Intermediate age group, Key Stage 4, teams from King Edward VII Academy were both winners and runners up and for the Advanced Group, Key Stage 5, Springwood High School were the winners and the College of West Anglia runners up.

Keyvan Djamarani the Managing Director of Bespak who presented the awards said:  “We are constantly on the lookout for youngsters who would like to become engineers and this event presents a challenge similar to those we face every day, the need to work together in a team to generate innovative solutions, to resolve problems and learn from your mistakes.  The students today have really applied themselves with imagination and enthusiasm to a tricky task.”

“Springwood students and staff had a fantastic day at the Technology Tournament!  I’m so glad we participated and can’t wait for next year’s event” said Emma Markwell, Technology Teacher from Springwood High School.



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