Bespak Launches Syrina® AR 2.25 Auto-Injector for Fully-Automatic Delivery of Viscous Drug Formulations

Cambridge, UK – 17 October 2016 – Bespak, a full-service drug delivery partner specialising in innovative medical devices, today announces the launch of the Syrina® AR 2.25 auto‑injector. This innovative auto-injector is the latest addition to the VapourSoft® -powered Syrina range and is suitable for delivering volumes of up to 2ml using a standard 2.25ml pre-filled syringe. The Syrina AR 2.25 provides patients with a fully-automatic two-step, compact device for the self-administration of viscous drug formulations.

Using Bespak’s proven proprietary compact energy source, VapourSoft®, Syrina® AR 2.25 is able to deliver 2 ml of viscous drug solutions smoothly and safely in less than 15 seconds. Designed with a hidden needle, Syrina AR 2.25 offers automatic needle insertion and retraction, as well as drug delivery with a single push-on-skin operation. Syrina® AR 2.25 has been tailored specifically for higher viscosities while still enabling the safe use of glass syringes.

Using VapourSoft® at its core allows a compact design and, with quiet operation, provides a discrete solution for patients. Syrina® AR 2.25 is clinical trial ready, enabling a fast track implementation process once paired with a specific drug formulation.

Keyvan Djamarani, Managing Director, Bespak commented: “There is increasing demand from the industry for innovative drug delivery devices that enable self-administration of the latest challenging drug formulations. As viscosities and dosage volumes both increase, the ability to safely and quickly deliver the dose remain paramount. For the first time, Syrina® AR 2.25 incorporates our revolutionary compact energy source, VapourSoft®, into a fully-automatic compact auto-injector device, designed specifically to meet the industry’s most demanding needs.”

Other injection devices in Bespak’s Syrina range include the Syrina Micro, Syrina Mini, Syrina S and Syrina AS. Read more about the Syrina range and how it is being adopted by the industry here.


About Bespak

Bespak, a Consort Medical company, is a full-service drug delivery partner, specialising in innovative patient-centric medical devices. With over 50 years’ experience in drug delivery, we seek to apply our proven know how and technologies to address the ever changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry, across multiple applications.

We partner with customers to design and develop drug delivery devices, as well as providing contract device manufacturing from pilot to commercial scale. As part of the Consort Medical Group, we work with our Aesica colleagues to offer customers an accelerated route to market through a streamlined service, at any stage of the development cycle.

As a group, we currently have 11 facilities across Europe supported by a global sales presence including North and South America, China, India, and Japan.

Based on proven valve technology, VapourSoft® uses a miniature canister of liquefied gas to power a range of Bespak’s devices from the Syrina® to the Lapas® system, addressing many of the issues seen with existing technologies to deliver high volumes of highly viscous drugs within acceptable delivery times.

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