Green Propellants for pMDI

Lowering our industry’s environmental footprint will help us all breathe a little easier. With Bespak valves being approved on more products in more markets than any other valve, we take our responsibility to lead the green transition seriously.

Climate friendly propellants are vital to the long term sustainability of the pMDI industry. We’re not only developing compatible formulations and devices, but have committed to commercial-scale manufacturing with both Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) propellants (HFA-152a & HFO-1234ze) by as early as 2025.

Leading the transition

National and regional legislation changes designed to implement The Kigali Amendment across the globe mean that companies, including pMDI developers, must start transitioning toward alternative, more sustainable, propellants. 

The two most promising candidates are HFA-152a and HFO-1234ze(E). Their environmental impact is 100 times and 1,000 times lower than that of currently used propellants, respectively. 

Our globally-recognised Bespak components, including market leading valves, actuators and dose counters, have been optimised during more than five years of research and development, and are ready for testing with formulations incorporating both of the new sustainable propellants.

Exploring greener propellants

We are committed to decarbonising the inhaler industry, without compromising safety. Find out more about how we employ our expertise in formulation, engineering and manufacturing to support our customers in the transition to the next generation of propellants, HFA-152a & HFO-1234ze.

Manufacturing with HFO-1234ze

Honeywell Solstice® Air (HFO-1234ze(E) cGMP) is a hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) pMDI propellant in clinical development. Its GWP is 99.9% lower than that of the HFA propellants used in pMDIs today. Our partnership with Honeywell allows us to offer propellant release testing, optimised dosing valves and actuators, feasibility and product development services, as well as clinical and commercial supply of pMDIs containing this near-zero GWP propellant to customers, in a simplified pathway.

We are already manufacturing at commercial-scale at our Holmes Chapel site with HFO-1234ze(E) as part of the scale-up process to transition a key global pMDI product to a sustainable formulation, also utilising our next generation valve technology. We have one of the world’s very first manufacturing lines capable of handling this innovative propellant, and we’re on track for full commercial supply in 2025, subject to Regulatory approvals.

Manufacturing with HFA-152a

Zephex® 152a is a new medical propellant which will reduce the carbon footprint of a pMDI by 90% compared to existing HFA propellants. Following several years of research and development to optimise performance with HFA-152a, our dosing valves and actuators are on test with customers around the world as the next generation of sustainable formulations is developed. Our partnership with Koura, the manufacturer of HFA-152a has led to our engineering experts being at the forefront of driving industry understanding of how to manufacture with this choice of low GWP propellant.

Building on the successful performance of our componentry range with HFA-152a products in development, we also offer formulation and product development with this new sustainable propellant, being fully equipped to handle at laboratory scale at our North Carolina and Holmes Chapel R&D facilities.  And that’s not all - we have committed to having one of the world’s first manufacturing lines capable of handling HFA-152a, with validated commercial supply from 2027 to enable early compliance with evolving regional phasedown targets.

Our commitment to sustainability

Our overarching sustainability commitments align with our aim to be leaders in the adoption of green propellants in pMDI products. Sustainability is central to our vision. We are not only committed to leading the transition to climate-friendly propellants to lower our industry’s environmental footprint, we also drive sustainability throughout our operations, and are proud to achieve the highest EcoVadis ratings at our manufacturing facilities.

Why partner with Bespak?

Partnering with Bespak to reduce the carbon footprint of your pMDI portfolio guarantees access to our cutting-edge technologies and environmentally friendly solutions.

Our track record in developing eco-conscious products and our dedication to reducing environmental impact makes us an ideal partner for the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly inhalers. We are fully capable and working hard to develop products that utilise greener, alternative propellants, such as HFA-152a and HFO-1234ze(E). In addition, our work at the forefront of container-closure system design means that whichever propellant you choose, our range of Bespak valves and actuators is ready to include in your feasibility and development programme.

Interested in green propellants and sustainable pMDIs?

Contact our experienced team to learn how we can work together.

Honeywell® is a trademark of Honeywell International Inc, Koura® is a trademark of Mexichem Flúor, S.A. de C.V., Zephex® is a trademark of Mexichem Amanco Holding, S.A. DE C.V., Solstice® is a trademark of Honeywell International Inc

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