The Bespak Unidose™ Xtra device offers unique performance advantages
through the use of IP-protected mechanisms that control device actuation
and drug delivery.

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nasal delivery device, Bespak
  • Bespak’s proprietary technology:
    • Patented needle free seal technology
    • Patented spring powered mechanism
  • Simple, single unit dose delivery with no priming required
  • Ergonomic shape:
    • Ambidextrous profile
    • Not user or orientation dependent
    • Usage indication
  • Low actuation force:
    • Simple push button operation
    • Minimal button travel
  • Consistent spray pattern with patient independent spray performance:
    • Spray performance can be tuned for specific application
  • Adjustable volume
    • Currently optimised to deliver 100µl of Aqueous solution
  • Verified extractables profile
  • Regulatory compliant materials utilised for drug flow path and patient interaction