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We are the world’s largest manufacturer of medical check valves.

These safety critical one-way valves are used extensively in a variety of applications such as airway management devices (endo-tracheal breathing tubes and face masks) and urology catheters.

Our BK333 range of valves are one-way inflation valves activated by a luer taper syringe or other device meeting the luer taper geometry to allow the reliable inflation/deflation of a cushion or cuff, critical to their function.

Read more about our Medical Check Valves by downloading our Data Sheet.

Medical Check Valves

PVC Valves

  • Normally incorporated into critical airway management devices such as endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, laryngeal mask airways (LMA’s) and disposable facemasks
  • These would normally be glued into a pilot line or device

Polypropylene Valves

  • Predominantly used in urology (Foley) catheters
  • These would typically be held in place in a pilot line with a retaining cap



Valve leakage specification is not more than 1.5ml (0.18 cu in) of air per 24 hours at 2m (6.5ft) water gauge pressure, as supplied by us here at Bespak and after one sterilisation pass.

Valve Body Material Colour Bespak Valve Code
Profile A Twin Flange Polypropylene White BK333053S
Profile B Single Flange Polypropylene White BK333250S
Profile B Single Flange PVC White BK333303S
Profile B Single Flange PVC Clear BK333308S

The valves may be sterilised as indicated below according to material type.

Autoclaving in Dry Saturated Steam Ethylene Oxide Gamma Irradiation (30k GY)
Polypropylene Yes Yes Yes
PVC No Yes Yes

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