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Injectable drugs development & delivery services

Bespak’s injectable drug delivery devices include a range of innovative solutions to allow more patient-friendly administration of drugs requiring parenteral delivery. Using our proprietary approaches, we can offer a range of customisable injectable drugs development solutions to our client base.

VapourSoft®: A compact, flexible energy source

VapourSoft® is our compact energy source of contained liquefied gas, coupled with proven valve technology. This innovative technology has been designed to power drug delivery (whilst minimising user effort), including delivery of highly viscous drugs.


Utilising our proven VapourSoft® technology, the Syrina® range is a truly versatile technology, spanning simple assisted syringes to fully functioning auto-injectors.


Capable of delivering both viscous and non-viscous formulations with delivery times ranging from several minutes to many hours; the Lapas® supplements our Syrina® range of auto-injectors, offering a real solution for drugs where volumes are too large for rapid injection.


Lila® is a compact valve technology combining a stopper and a valve to enable separation of drug components during storage whilst providing an open delivery path when activated. The Lila® can also enable easy mixing of two different drugs prior to delivery.

ASI® technology

Bespak can offer auto-injectors for use with specific patient groups or formulations which is based around our patented and proven ASI® auto-injector technology. In addition, we offer an off-the-shelf device to enable short lead-times to user assessments and clinical studies.

For any specific requirements or questions regarding our injectable drugs development & delivery services please get in touch.