Our BK640 is a proprietary mechanical Integrated Dose Counting Actuator (IDC) designed for the reliable indication of doses remaining in a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI).

  • Cleanroom manufacture and regulatory pedigree
  • Customer specific DMF documentation available
  • 21 CFR drug contact material compliance
  • 2012 U.S. market approval of a product using our Bespak Integrated Dose Counter

Find out more about by downloading our Dose Counting Actuator Data Sheet.

Integrated Dose Counting Actuator (IDC)
  • Mechanical Dose Counter
  • Counter accuracy – designed to avoid undercounting
  • Mechanical displacement operation
  • Counts down in individual units with each emitted dose
  • Can be supplied with any start count from a maximum of 219
  • End of life indication
  • Supplied with dust cap to keep mouthpiece clean
  • Minimal increase in drug pack actuation force
  • Eliminates inadvertent counting during transit without drug pack fitted
  • One-step drug pack loading
  • Customisable to accommodate different metered dose inhaler valve types
  • Transparent top to allow visibility of canister label
  • Could be supplied with opaque top to accommodate embossed logo detail
  • Customisable top to accommodate a variety of drug pack sizes
  • Fixed or removable mouthpiece available for easy cleaning
  • Nasal or oral variants
  • Mouthpiece drug path geometry can be customised to suit individual applications
  • Colour scheme can be customised to suit individual applications