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For customers requiring a device technology to deliver their drug development and drug delivery devices manufacture, Bespak can offer a variety of proprietary technologies for multiple routes of administration, including inhalation, injectable and intranasal.

We are focused on continual product innovation for drug delivery devices production and are dedicated to world-class design, industrialisation and reliable high-volume supply.
For over 50 years we have worked in conjunction with many of the world’s pharmaceutical companies, consistently providing regulatory-compliant inhalation devices. These devices are critical to the delivery of drugs to treat a variety of medical needs, including respiratory illnesses such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Bespak Proprietary Inhalation Devices

We have successfully built a portfolio of proprietary products and technologies in the following drug delivery areas:

  • Inhalation devices (e.g. metered dose inhaler (MDI) valves, actuators, dose counters)
  • Injectable devices
  • Medical check valves (for airway management and urology)
  • Nasal drug delivery devices

Bespak Manufacturing Services

We also provide industrialisation and manufacturing services for customers’ own devices and designs. We offer:

  • A mature New Product Introduction (NPI) process
  • ISO 13485 regulatory compliance
  • ‘Design for Manufacture’
  • Low, medium and high volume manufacture of low and high cavitation tooling and hand or auto assembly equipment
  • Lifecycle management and supply chain solutions

Our core competences lie in the development, industrialisation and commercial manufacture of drug delivery devices. If you are interested in drug delivery devices production, we would be pleased to hear from you. Click here for more information on industrialisation & manufacture.