Syrina® AS

Syrina® AS: A readily available, highly flexible device

“Platform” devices have begun to emerge as the preferred solution for many pharmaceutical companies; enabling a single base device to deliver multiple different products in different volumes, with different viscosities and delivery times. The challenge here is how to genuinely achieve this within a single auto-injector.

With the growth in the self-injection market, there is also an increasing demand for readily-available devices that require little or no development – and devices that are available to be used in clinical trials and commercial uses in very short timescales.

A third challenge in this field is that an auto-injector to deliver the final commercial product is typically needed; but understanding the exact dose volume, viscosity and delivery profile needed for the product can take some time to establish; leaving little time to develop that auto-injector.

To respond to these needs, we decided to invest in a development programme for a truly flexible auto-injector device, that would allow BioPharma companies to rapidly, and with low investment cost, introduce the device early in the drug development or lifecycle mangement program.

An initial set of key product requirements was developed for the device to meet the above challenges:

  • The device should be able to accommodate ISO11040 compatible 1ml and 2.25ml glass and plastic syringes
  • The device must be able to handle various viscosities, fill volume and needle size combinations
  • Minimal changes to moulds and assembly lines for rapid variant developments, re-verifications and re-validations for each additional product.

The result is the Syrina® AS device, our most advanced VapourSoft® powered auto-injector. VapourSoft® driven, the Syrina® AS is free from the constraints of typical spring-powered devices and is therefore able to provide the genuine multi-specification flexibility that is needed from a platform device. Having invested in the development and manufacturing infrastructure for the product, this also enables a fast turnaround to clinical or commercial use, even when some customisation is required.


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