Syrina® AR

Syrina® AR

Syrina® AR: Our 2ml auto-injector with automatic needle retraction

The issues of needle safety and needle phobia are an enduring consideration in the development of self-administration system. In response to this, we have developed the Syrina® AR auto-injector, which builds upon other auto-injectors in the Syrina® range and adds the additional feature of automated needle retraction at the end of dose delivery.

Syrina® AR

When self-injecting medication, it is important for patients to have an intuitive device that minimises the experience of both physical and psychological discomforts. Pharmaceutical companies are seeking injection devices to administer drugs that lead to patient compliance, along with inbuilt safety mechanisms to prevent needle-stick injuries and meet all of the appropriate regulatory requirements for safety. Our Innovation team in Cambridge (UK) took on board patient and pharmaceutical company requirements to engineer a Syrina® device that addresses these needs.

The Syrina® AR device is engineered to accommodate standard 2.25ml prefilled syringes and operates by simply removing the cap and pushing onto the skin. A distinguishing feature of Syrina® AR is automatic needle retraction in addition to the standard automatic needle insertion in our Syrina® auto-injectors; whilst other auto-injectors in the Syrina® range incorporate automated needle-covering post injection, in response to feedback from sectors of both patient and pharmaceutical companies, the Syrina® AR automatically withdraws the needle from the injection site once dose delivery has been completed.


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