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robert-gardnerName: Robert Gardner
Current Role: Rapid Prototyping Technician
Apprenticeship Programme
Pathway: Engineering Toolmaking
Start Date: Aug 2007
Completion Date: Aug 2011

I began my apprenticeship at Bespak after completing two years in the 6th form at the Park High School, where I was doing an A level in technology among other subjects. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and making things, and when I saw a Toolmaking Apprenticeship advertised by Bespak, I applied and was lucky enough to get the position.

I started my apprenticeship with no previous knowledge of toolmaking and very minimal knowledge of machining activities. I am now a fully qualified Toolmaker with knowledge of many areas of toolmaking and machining practices, and 4 years post apprenticeship experience. Doing an apprenticeship was a great way to learn the skills I needed to be successful as a Toolmaker.

The knowledge gained from completing the Apprenticeship Training Programme, and the experience from my permanent role as a Toolmaker, provided me with the opportunity to secure a new role within Bespak as a ‘Rapid Prototyping Technician’, which I started in April 2013. My current role allows me do the same machining activities and toolmaking that I had previously performed in the tool room, but also more development/design work using 3D modelling, 3D printers, and CNC machinery to create prototypes for various different projects.