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Safe by Choice, Not by Chance!

Sounds a bit cheesy, don’t you think?

But imagine if we operated in a world that didn’t care about the people who not only work for our company but also the hundreds of people who visit our sites every year!

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) 147 ‘workers’ were killed at work in the reporting year of 2018/19 and a further 92 other people were killed as a result of a company’s activities  – how shocking is that; 239 people killed in the UK alone as a result of work activity!

Bespak never wants to be in a position where we have to knock on someone’s door and tell them that their loved one isn’t coming home!

Sorry, this all sounds a bit macabre…not the intent of this blog!

Health and Safety is our absolute priority

The reality is we pride ourselves in, above all, making Health and Safety our number one consideration.  This isn’t about numbers, this is about people!

Without doubt, making sure that our colleagues have a safe and healthy working environment is a Bespak Non-Negotiable.

We couldn’t produce our life changing products if we didn’t have people to make them. It’s really important to note that the messages around safety also take into account our approach to the quality of our products too; if we make faulty products, the health and safety of downstream users is also significantly compromised!

Our approach is therefore always 3 fold:

  1. Moral – people matter and we will always strive to make sure that each and every person knows how much they are valued, that at no time should they compromise their safety, the safety of the products they are making and that they should always look out for each other also.
  2. Legal – we always fulfil our legal obligations. These are there to help make sure that we are doing the right things by every person who works for, works at or visits a Bespak Site.
  3. Financial – the resources required to enable us to effectively create safe and healthy working environments is made available; no questions asked.

People are complex creatures!

Gone are those bygone days where people at work are left to their own devices.

Thank goodness hey, because if we didn’t take it so seriously, you can bet your bottom dollar that the practices shown in this photo would still be taking place.


So let’s face facts…

  • We are complex creatures in that we all have our own perceptions and experiences which lead us to take the actions we take in life!
  • We all take risks – these are acceptable in our mind…why else would we take them!
  • We are creatures of habit – having done something a certain way ‘all our lives’ makes it the right thing to do, particularly if we’ve never been hurt by it!
  • If we think can ‘get away with it’ we will try to!

Knowing all of this and remembering that us Health and Safety professionals are also human, our aim is to eliminate the potential for harm to occur as much possible, recognising that residual risk will still exist.

Therefore we are trusting that people do the right thing always even when the boss isn’t watching!

This is why we are investing in Behavioural Safety…getting into the hearts and minds of the people who work with us, understanding what they do and why they do it that way, enabling us all to make sure that we can support, assess, control and educate everyone to do it in a way that does not result in an injury or worse!

Our aim is to install good habits that not only keep our people safe at work, but then also have a positive impact on their home lives too.

We’ve recently started the Heads Up, Phones Down campaign to encourage people to avoid potential trip hazards and look in the direction of travel.

Breaking this habit in today’s society is a feat in itself!

Never take our eye off the ball!

As such we can never take our eye off Health and Safety ball; and we wouldn’t want to.  This is one area that we can never be complacent about.  Accidents happen as a result of a series of events leading up into a failure that might be a small outcome but could easily also be a horrific outcome too.  The outcome of an accident is down to luck sometimes.  This is not a roulette wheel we are going to play with.

Zero harm is something we will continually strive to achieve – no compromise.

You play a part on our Health & Safety journey to Zero Harm

Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Our colleagues know that if they see an unsafe condition, behaviour or situation they have to try and prevent the harm from occurring first and foremost, but then also have to report it, so further action can be taken if necessary, or a watching brief is set to monitor the situation.

Our ‘See It Sort It Report It’ programme is hugely successful in identifying opportunities to make us safer and you visiting a Bespak site gives us a fresh set of eyes to help on our Zero Harm mission.

So don’t be shy, if you See It, tell your host.

Likewise, if you do something great where you work, let us know. We are always keen to learn and introduce great ways of keeping us all safe. If you see something you like with regards to Health and Safety at a Bespak Site, we are happy to share.  Don’t hesitate to ask.

Remember we are Safe by Choice, Not by Chance!

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