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Health and Safety

Looking after our employees and all visitors to our facilities is the number one priority at Bespak.

Our approach to health and safety is a culture of prevention where all employees are encouraged to raise concerns before incidents happen. Our focus is on the prevention of accidents and incidents, with a special emphasis on those areas with the potential to cause serious harm.

We achieve this through the proactive reporting of all potential hazards via our Near Miss system. Our Near Miss system gives all employees the ability to raise potential hazards before they have the opportunity to cause an injury. We recorded a total of 1,847 near misses in 2015, at an average of 154 per month, up from 115 per month in 2014.


At Bespak we pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible. We strive to reduce our environmental impact with a focus on three main areas:

  • Reducing our energy usage
  • Minimising waste
  • Water conservation

We continually engage with consultants and experts to advise us in these areas. This helps us to ensure that we are disposing of our waste responsibly, identifying the right opportunities to reduce emissions, and using the best available technology to minimise energy use.

Bespak sites are certified to the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
ISO 14001 Certificate