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Bespak is a leading developer and manufacturer of complex medical devices.

Our service offering can be divided into three categories: proprietary devices and technologies, scale up and industrialisation of an already-designed device, and design and commercialisation of a novel device for an existing drug.

As a high-volume manufacturer, we supply respiratory drug delivery devices, valves and actuators, injectable devices and medical check valves into major European and US markets, and our facilities are FDA-inspected and approved.

Major pharmaceutical companies work with us because of the quality of our development services and products, the technical knowledge, skills and experience in our team, our world-class facilities and our desire to build rewarding, long-term relationships based on excellent customer service.

Across our sites at Kings Lynn, Norfolk and Cambridge, we have a diverse team of more than 650 people. Our in-house capabilities and expertise can allow us to reduce time to market, enabling our customers’ products to be developed, tested and manufactured faster and risk managed appropriately throughout the process.

Each year we mould around 2.6 billion components which are assembled into approximately 550 million devices, and every second over 1,000 patients use one of our devices to help them breathe.