A reintroduction to Bespak

It’s a familiar name, but the beginning of a whole new story that covers much more than the valves and devices that made the name famous. Now, we’re a partner for every small step in the process. And every giant leap in the industry.

Three sites, one Bespak.

Holmes Chapel, UK

Company headquarters, and where drug product development and devices come together in finished products that help millions of patients to breathe.

North Carolina, USA

Located in Research Triangle Park, developing and testing orally-inhaled and nasal drug products to advance our customers’ pipelines.

King’s Lynn, UK

A leader in pMDI valves globally, and serving the inhalation industry with complex delivery devices and components.

Future facing. Established experts.

We’re an agile new company focused on the future, but built on decades of expertise.

  • 1938

    Holmes Chapel site established by Benger’s Food to manufacture nutritional supplements

  • 1947

    Holmes Chapel site acquired by Fisons® to manufacture asthma and allergy drugs; later acquired by Aventis® which becomes Sanofi®

  • 1959

    Bespak begins supplying valves to the cosmetics industry

  • 1968

    Bespak enters the pharmaceutical market with a contract for GSK’s Ventolin® valves

  • 1969

    Holmes Chapel site launches Intal®, Bespak moves to King’s Lynn

  • 1983

    Holmes Chapel site launches Aarane, followed in 1989 by Tilade®

  • 1999

    Aarane, Intal® and Tilade® are converted from CFC to HFA propellant at the Holmes Chapel site

  • 2004

    Bespak King’s Lynn launches HFA valves to replace CFC valves in pMDIs

  • 2016

    Recipharm acquires Research Triangle Park site from Cirrus Pharmaceuticals

  • 2018

    Recipharm acquires Holmes Chapel site from Sanofi® along with manufacturing contracts for pMDIs and nasal sprays

  • 2020

    Recipharm acquires King’s Lynn site, and the three billionth HFA valve is manufactured. FDA approve Bespak’s Integrated Dose Counter

  • 2022

    Investment in HFO-1234ze filling at Holmes Chapel, and Bespak’s Hybrid Valve introduced for low GWP propellants

  • 2023

    Recipharm signs an agreement with Honeywell® to develop pMDIs with HFO-1234ze and is first CDMO to manufacture at commercial scale; signs agreement with OzUK to develop pMDIs containing HFA-152a

  • 2024

    Spin-out of three Recipharm sites to form Bespak Limited; Bespak announces investment in commercial scale manufacturing with HFA-152a, and manufactures four billionth HFA valve

Every second our products help 1000 people breathe

  • 1

    Only CDMO to have filled at commercial scale with HFO-1234ze

  • 2

    Green propellants at lab, pilot and commercial scale capability

  • 3

    Only CDMO manufacturing a triple combination pMDI

  • 60

    Years of experience in inhaled drug products for respiratory diseases

  • 4bn

    HFA valves manufactured

  • 1bn

    World-leading DPI devices manufactured

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