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Revitalising primary pack solutions


Lila® is Bespaks novel valve technology which acts both as a stopper and as a valve. This enables the separation of drugs or components during storage but provides an open delivery path when activated. Lila® can be configured to enable mixing of two different drugs prior to delivery.
The Lila® advantage:

  • Simple injection with the same sequence as a Pre-Filled Syringe, there are no additional user handling steps or training requirements
  • Easy to fill compatible with existing filling equipment and Pre-Filled Syringe assembly lines
  • Low residual volume an innovative valve system minimises product loss and waste
  • Counterfeiting protection valve can prevent reuse of delivery device
  • Verified extractables single elastomeric material with known extractable profile
  • Works with any commercially available plastic or glass syringe from 0.5 to 10ml
  • A differentiator innovative valve technology enables you to overcome challenges and give a distinctive competitive edge

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